Land and Sea, Inc.® was founded, by its current owners, over 42 years ago.

“The company remains a privately held New Hampshire corporation, devoted exclusively to manufacturing DYNOmite™* Dynamometer systems for a wide range of high performance and industrial applications.”

Land & Sea, Inc. is one of the world's fastest growing engine and chassis dynamometer manufactures. Our customers include international Fortune 100 companies, US and foreign military branches, Ivy League Universities, top NASCAR and NHRA teams, OEM engine manufactures, machine shops, and individual hobbyists! The company holds patents on numerous dynamometer and related industry award-winning products – used to set land and sea racing records. DYNOmite Dynamometers have been the official dyno for several consecutive years of Formula SAE competitions and are found at leading schools around the globe. The company has been a member of organizations like the Specialty Equipment Manufactures Association (SEMA), the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA), the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), etc.

Land & Sea, Inc. “DYNOmite Dynamometer” international corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant. DYNOmite Dynamometer's new international corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant, in Concord, NH, is located in the northeastern USA. Customers may arrange a visit and tour by contacting our sales department.
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More about our new facilities: In early 2007, Land & Sea’s board of directors announced their purchase of several acres within the NH state capital’s “Concord Airport Business Park,” at the corner of Henniker Street and Antrim Avenue. Construction of the company’s custom multi-story international headquarters, devoted entirely to quadrupling the DYNOmite Dynamometer factory’s size, was just getting underway! With in-house dynamometer development and fabrication facilities to occupy nearly 50,000 square feet of the completed plant’s first floor and another half-dozen engine test cells and chassis dyno bays sharing the remaining ground level with 2½ stories of DYNOmite inventory warehousing, Phase-I, which also houses several thousand square feet of upper floor level offices for software development, engineering, training, sales and technical support, is now complete (photo above right). Besides adding needed manufacturing area, “Building-II’s” larger chassis cells accommodate Land & Sea’s new tractor-trailer and bus dynamometer lines. Expanded customer training facilities include a “mission control” like console room. In this test center, kart, motorcycle, racecar, RC engine, and snowmobile dyno tests can all be underway – simultaneously. If you are in the market for any type of dynamometer, do plan a visit.

We are committed to dynamometers. At a time when so many other once well-known dyno companies continue to be sold and resold, or de-emphasize their dynamometer offerings to focus on unrelated test equipment and aftermarket accessories, Land & Sea stands out. Even after 42 years, our company operates under its original ownership – and we continue today to concentrate exclusively on manufacturing and advancing the DYNOmite line of dynamometer hardware, electronics, and software. Now our new building gives us room to grow further. Competitors have come and gone over these last three decades. Our customers tell us the reason we've grown in that same time is support! We never hide behind voice mail for technical support calls, and we respond to e-mails... promptly (test us)!

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*DYNOmite is a trademark of Land and Sea, Inc.