DYNOmite Data Acquisition Computers can also be powered by internal or external batteries. This provides unique opportunities for remote testing.

"Table results are estimates and will vary with attached accessories, temperature, etc."

Battery back-up option for the DYNOmite-Pro boards utilizes six AAA batteries and/or one 9-volt style battery. Different battery materials (both rechargeable and non-rechargeable types) can be utilized to get the best combination of run time, convenience, and cost.

Rechargeable batteries are automatically charged whenever the DYNOmite is operating from its AC (or an external DC) power supply. Failover to the backup battery is automatic whenever that power is removed.

Estimated-life table (below) offers a relative comparison of the run times for various battery materials. On-board AAA and removable 9-volt style batteries can be utilized.

Red indicates a rechargeable type.
Blue indicates a non rechargeable type.
Magenta indicates a combination of rechargeable and non-rechargeable types.


Battery Life Run Time Matrix

Battery Types*

AAA (None) AAA NiCad AAA NiMH AAA Alkaline AAA Titanium AAA Lithium
9-Volt (None) 0.0 hours 1.2 hours 3.0 hours 5.2 hours 5.7 hours 10.0 hours
9-Volt NiCad 0.5 hours 1.7 hours 3.5 hours 5.7 hours 6.2 hours 10.5 hours
9-Volt NiMH 0.7 hours 1.8 hours 3.7 hours 5.9 hours 6.4 hours 10.7 hours
9-Volt Alkaline 2.6 hours 3.8 hours 5.6 hours 7.8 hours 8.3 hours 12.6 hours
9-Volt Titanium 2.8 hours 3.9 hours 5.8 hours 8.0 hours 8.5 hours 12.8 hours
9-Volt Lithium 5.0 hours 6.2 hours 8.0 hours 10.2 hours 10.7 hours 15.0 hours

* The above run times are approximate.
Results vary with battery freshness, installed accessories, temperature, etc.