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Land & Sea is all about getting you the exact dynamometer you need, even if it has to be mobile. This section covers just some of the systems that fit into this category. Government speedometer and odometer on-site certification, trailerable drag-race dyno simulation systems, OEM towing dynamometers, portable scooter dynos, or even RC models to Segways – we have built them all.

“Do you have a custom mobile, towing, or unique dynamometer application? We manufacture our units in-house – so give us a call!”

Mobile speedo/taxi calibrator – to check metered taxis, buses, ambulances, etc.
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Trailerable DYNOmite Dynamometers are more than some pre-existing (floor- or pit-mount) dyno that is just bolted up onto a general purpose flatbed utility trailer. Such adaptations are fine for a one-time move, but they come up far short of what we call a mobile-dynamometer system. For that, you want a trailer that is built as an integral member of the entire package. Ideally, it should also be one that is designed by the same engineers that did the dynamometer hardware. These pages show a few examples of (only some of) our in-house manufactured, and DOT-approved, mobile dynamometers. Please keep in mind that this is just a sample of mobile, or otherwise unique, dynamometers that we can create – for you. See Specifications or Models and Prices pages.

It is hard to see the attention to detail in this small photo, but it is showstopper in person. AWD system has 24" rolls, drag-race tree, integral generator, air, and more.

Monocoque frame techniques deliver the required frame stiffness, while minimizing deck height. This allows our trailers to provide the lowest (safe) deck height, optimum balance, best looks, and richest feature set. One unit (at left) offers: Twin 24"-diameter rolls, eddy-current absorbers, mechanically linked AWD capability, four-wheel electric brakes, heavy-duty torsion axles, lightweight aluminum ramps, fifth-wheel tongue, integral leveling jacks, canopy, side railings, drag-race tree, flat-screen display, on-board generator and compressor, etc. Call for assistance with your own mobile dynamometer project. One example of our in-house manufacturing for (DOT approved) mobile dynamometers. No adapting existing dynos to sky-high trailers, we engineer low-profile systems.

Speedometer Calibration Dynos use DYNO-MAX to verify the accuracy of most speedometers and taxi meters. Its data input fields include taxi fares, time/distance increments, tire pressures, speeds, and pass/fail tolerances – providing a ready-to-run certification solution. Our DOT-approved trailering option allows taking this one-man certification capability along to almost any place you can park. Give us a call for a demo.

Towing dynamometer provides 2,500-pound drawbar pull, from its eddy-current absorber – under laptop simulation control (of hills, headwinds, etc.) from the cab.

DYNOmite Towing Dynamometers offer OEMs highly customizable drawbar-pull behavior – to simulate all types of road grade, wind drag, and inertial loads. Eddy-Current Towing Dynamometers are the affordable solution to replicating advanced proving-ground courses out on the public roads. They are ideal for demonstrating that your products will hold up under real-world conditions. Need a long uphill grade to stress test a cooling system or transmission? There is no need to drive to the mountains – just dial in the desired terrain. The eddy-current absorber’s fast control allows simulating a range of vehicle inertias without the hassle of adding or removing ballast. The DYNOmite’s streamlined fiberglass bodywork and low-rolling-resistance tires help to minimize parasitic losses, so that you can even simulate very low drag conditions (without decoupling the trailer).

Side-by-side motorcycle "drag racing" dynamometer joins Land & Sea's other affordable mobile dyno offerings. Self-contained, so onsite setup can be as simple as parking the rig. Individual dynos are easily removable from the trailer – for between event Hp testing and tuning – back in the shop. The Dyno-Drags™ truck (at Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Dynamometer plant in Concord) is equipped with the latest DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro” software. This side-by-side simulation features 48 dual-lane progression lights.

Simulate all types of driving conditions with your towing dyno just by letting DYNO-MAX and a laptop PC create the terrain. DYNO-MAX features a “Road Load Simulation” mode to adjust its virtual grade angle, vehicle momentum, air drag, rolling friction, etc. Enter a simulation gross weight and drag data and the software will set the dynamometer’s road load – based on monitored MPH and applied power. Need a hill? Just tap a key to simulate the grade of driving up a mountain pass – with a travel trailer in tow.

DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.Verify engine emissions under load using your existing, or our optional (digitally integrated) DYNOmite five-gas exhaust analyzer system. Proper emission testing procedures require repeatable absorber load control. Forget using unloaded (idle speed) data to verify emissions compliance.

Available in a range of sizes that match the base towing mass (inertia) and absorber capacity to the type of vehicle testing you are engaged in. Adjustable ballast and low parasitic losses allow a single model to work over a wider range than many competitors’ units.

Customer’s RC model AWD chassis dynamometer is built for serious testing – with high-end DYNOmite electronics and DYNO-MAX “Pro” software. Segway™ uses its DYNOmite eddy-current absorber-equipped kart roller assembly to test this experimental version of the Segway Human Transporter.

Generator-powered eddy-current absorbers avoid all of the hassles of on-board batteries. Generator idles during periods of light load or downhill coasting, and while stopped. It may also be used to power hand tools and other diagnostic equipment – for remote roadside modifications of the vehicle under test. Everything, including the absorber, load control, and DYNOmite data-acquisition computer, can be run off the same unit. These mobile systems and your laptop computer, running DYNO-MAX™ software, allow running laboratory-like dynamometer tests… almost anywhere on the planet.

Call for immediate assistance in spec’ing one of these semi-standard systems, or to develop your own unique custom dynamometer solution. Note: We even offer free do-it-yourself plans – for the more popular dynamometer applications.

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